Some people dream of making a difference in the world. Nicole and Oscar Lazo do it for a living.

The couple work as missionaries around the world for Youth With A Mission, a Christian non-profit organization.

In 2016, the Loveall Foundation for Children helped Nicole and Oscar Lazo build a home for a family living in Soyapango, a small municipality in the Central American country of El Salvador.

“When we showed up, the people living there were asking ‘Why are all of these foreigners here?’” Oscar said. “We told them we were there to build a house.”

They couldn’t believe it.

The Lazos started by removing all of the family’s possessions from the old house and cleaning them.

“There was trash and cockroaches everywhere,” Nicole said. “We installed a concrete foundation and walls which can withstand the storms they frequently get.”

Along with a new house, the Lazos also provided the family with a one-month supply of food.

“The kids were in awe of all of these boxes of cereal on the table,” Oscar said. “They had never seen so much cereal in their lives.”

“Without help from the Loveall Foundation, we couldn’t have made this trip,” Nicole said. “Oscar and I work off of donations and we’re so thankful for the Loveall Foundation for helping us help this family.”